Access Youtube in China

YouTube in China

access youtube in chinaThe “Great Firewall of China” has continued to be a huge burden to the growing global internet community. Instead of a community  with a sense of equality it has made a global internet community and a Chinese one. As the largest population of internet users, China boasts 420,000,000 people who are online daily. The most frustrating part of numbers this huge, almost twice as many internet users as the United States, is that they are not nearly as accessible.

Unlike the United States, China does not allow Youtube or many other Google internet applications. If you are trying to access YouTube in China with your Chinese IP then it’s necessary for you to use a Virtual Network as a means of getting around it. China has had a complicated history with Google. Google, the worlds largest search engine and one of the largest providers of web content isn’t available  there in its entirety. 

china usaSearch results are censored. The sheer volume of search-able content as well as the largest video site is accessible to everyone outside of the largest market in the world – China. The Chinese government has clamped down not just on the media that is created within but heavily scrutinized media that goes  into it. YouTube can be an expression of both. This is a big reason why you can’t access Youtube in China.

There are some keywords that are unsearchable on many Chinese servers. It’s a question of  accessibility, Do you want complete access to the entire internet? With the use of a virtual network you can step outside of these  boundaries and use the largest search engine on the web and access YouTube, the largest flash video medium. If you want to break free you are going to have to find an American server first. If you want to share your story with the world you can  do it with a VPN.

The world needs to know the story of the emerging China and it is going to need independent freelance journalists and  bloggers to do it. If you want to let the world know your story but you are afraid of censorship then an overseas IP is the only way to go. Access to the worlds news is a two way street. Don’t let anyone hide the truth from you, and don’t let anyone stop you from telling your story to to others.

connect with friends on youtubeBut being able to access Youtube in China isn’t just about talking about China.  For most people, it’s a way of connecting with friends back home.  If you are frustrated that you can’t share videos with your friends or that your friends can share theirs with you, get a different IP. Most  of the content that is on YouTube isn’t owned by Google, it’s just the delivery system. If you are sending a video blog to your family  across international lines YouTube is a great way to do that. If you are both on IP’s from the United States then you can accomplish this.

Google, YouTube and the rest of the internet that is closed off from you is quickly gaining steam as a way to shrink distances and cross barriers.  Forget about internet censorship and get back your access to Youtube in China.

Top 2 Recommended Services to access Youtube in China

Securitales and 12VPN

12VPN YouTube in China

SecuriTales YouTube China

* * * Securitales and 12VPN are really two of the only surviving methods of accessing Youtube in China.  Many other VPN and proxy services are blocked.  As an expat in China, I know what works and what doesn’t.  As of summer 2011, Securitales and 12VPN are two of the fastest and most reliable ways to unblock sites in China.

Securitales is a web based proxy

12VPN is a virtual private network

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