Access YouTube in China with a Proxy

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access youtube in china proxyHow do you stay anonymous on the internet, especially in a country like China where websites like YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and several other sites get blocked and your ISP is continuously trying to hunt you down if you try to take a short cut in accessing these sites? That’s easy, you can access YouTube in China with a proxy. (The same goes for other sites).

In order to browse the internet without being discovered you need to mask your IP address and this has been made possible by proxy servers. Below are some ways you can access YouTube in China with a proxy.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary, relaying your request for connection to a webpage or service on the Internet. The recipient of the request will only see the request for connection coming from the proxy server. The recipient will not know that you are the source of the original request. A client connects to the proxy server and then requests a connection on a different server. The proxy provides the resource either by connecting to the specified server or by serving it from a cache. This way you, don’t actually have to be in a different location and you can easily access YouTube in China with a proxy.

In other words, a proxy redirects your traffic outside of China, and helps you change your IP address.

blocked sties in chinaWhy choose proxy servers?

Working with Proxy servers is easier working with VPNs. VPNs require a software to be installed whereas mostly proxy servers don’t. They are a lot cheaper than VPNs. Because they don't have to be installed, you can use them at work, school, or public computers.  You can use one license for your iPad, iPhone, and laptop. Clearly, the best way to access YouTube in China with a proxy.

But it’s not all good news for proxy server users. proxy servers are less secure than VPNs.  However, seeings as you're just watching videos on YouTube and maybe checking out your Facebook account – or even checking Gmail when The Firewall throws a tantrum – the lessened security of a proxy isn't going to be an issue. Actually, most of the security risks of proxies arise when you use a proxy server from a host you can't trust.

Here I’m going to tell you about some proxy solutions that work and are completely secure (even for email and banking) and fast. You too can access YouTube in China with a proxy!

Accessing YouTube:

If you want to access YouTube in China with a proxy you can look at the list below. Following are some of the most popular Proxy solutions available for Chinese users:

  • securitales proxy in chinaSecuritales – If you are looking for a proxy that works for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter then Securitales is the best. Its biggest advantage is that there is no software to be installed and it works on all devices including iPhone and iPad. It also works smoothly on all operating systems. It is fast, functional and provides excellent support. If you're looking for continuous connections to blocked sites in China, and a proxy that will allow you to stream video, Securitales is the ONLY solution. (see below)
  • KProxy – By using this server you can easily surf the net and bypass all filters (Free, but comes with major limitations).

***I was able to open Facebook with KProxy, but on my second search for Youtube, the server timed out. On my third try I got this message

Server overloaded

The server is overloaded.
The system has rejected your petition to maintain a reliable service.
Try again later, the server statistics change once each 5 minutes.
Private servers haven't this problem, you may be interested to try them.

  • Freedom Stick – By plugging this USB stick into the computer a connection to the censorship resistant tor-network is established and you can securely surf the net. (now blocked in China, and searching for it may get you banned form Google Searches)


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